Thursday, April 16, 2009

my favorite band.


i really don't like diddy. because i believe no band,artist or none of that lasts with him. there usually one hit wonders but i believe diddy's going to keep day26 but if he lets them go. i would never-ever support him. i love day26. each & every one of them even "Que".

Friday, April 3, 2009

.Sweet 16 Theme.

.| The-Theme-For-My-Party | .

soo i finally pick the theme for my sweet 16 and it is
" 80's style " soo i decided to bring it back. i always loved
the 80's fashion because i love color's especially neon clothes
the big bamboo earrings. & the huge rope chains. & the reeboks
i just love it. so that's my theme. it's gonna be some retro type stuff
even though. its nov 21. im planning now. Next week i'm starting my
membership at curves with my auntie. & then i'm going to see the hall
my mother picked out for my sweet 16. & I already picked out my dress.